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Anti-Vibration Gloves with Shock Absorbing Palm Coating
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Anti-Vibration Gloves with Shock Absorbing Palm Coating

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With their unique outer coating, these anti-vibration gloves lessen the stress and strain of high- and medium-frequency vibrations on the hands, which could otherwise cause significant health problems. The soft, seamless knitted liner is comfortable to wear against the skin while the specially developed coating maintains a high level of flexibility. This helps provide a high level of grip and dexterity so the wearer can handle tools and components in a safe, secure and comfortable way.

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• Dextrous and comfortable work gloves offering protection from vibrations
• Unique coating reduces the effects of impact, shocks and vibration
• Excellent fit and dexterity compared to similar safety gloves
• Soft, seamless knitted shell is comfortable to wear for long periods
• Backs of the hands are left uncoated for breathability
• Elasticated knitted cuffs offer a secure fit around the wrists and keep out dust and debris
• Transmissibility of medium-frequency (25-200Hz) vibrations are reduced by 25.3% and high-frequency (200-1250Hz) by 40.3%
• Excellent resistance to tears
• Good resistance to abrasion

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EN 388:2016
EN ISO 10819:2013

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