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Find the most suitable cut-resistant level for your job
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Find the most suitable cut-resistant level for your job

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One effective solution in finding the perfect cut-resistant glove for you is to look for the most appropriate level of cut-resistance depending on the kind of safety hazards you always encounter. Among the levels that you should familiarize or can be deemed useful are:

Level 0 – This specific level offers the least amount of protection so stay away from this as much as possible, especially if keeping your hands fully protected is what you want to prioritize.

Level 1 – This specific level makes use of fabric or material, which protects cuts categorized as a nuisance like automotive maintenance or paper cuts. Some of the materials used in this case are natural fibers, such as cotton, latex, and leather.

Level 2 – In this cut-resistance level, expect the glove to be constructed from a fabric or material, which can protect you from low cut hazards. Some examples of these are cuts that happen in masonry, packaging, and construction industries. In this case, synthetic materials and fibers that are heavier in weight, like polyester and nylon, are commonly used.

Level 3 – Level 3 cut-resistance makes use of fabrics or materials that protect you from moderate cut hazards. These hazards are often noticeable in jobs related to light metal stamping or light-duty glass handling. In this case, materials with better performance, like Kevlar, are more useful in the glove’s construction.

Level 4 – If you want to receive protection from high cut hazards then the Level 4 cut-resistant gloves are what you need. They are often constructed from man-made materials or steel, like Dyneema and Spectra, that help you prevent injuries from high cut hazards caused by food service or sheet metal handling applications.

Level 5 – Level 5 cut-resistant protection can help you deal with extreme cut hazards more effectively. You will often deal with these hazards in the poultry or meat processing and plate glass handling industries.

By considering the levels of cut-resistance a glove has, you have a better chance of picking one that is truly appropriate for your job.

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