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Mechanic Gloves: Best Hand Protection to Consider
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Mechanic Gloves: Best Hand Protection to Consider

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                       Who Need The Mechanic Gloves?Why Choose The Mechanic Gloves?

Mechanics and automotive service technicians are two of the occupations with the highest employment numbers in the U.S.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that, in 2016, there were 749,900 people employed as mechanics nationwide, and that number is projected to grow 6% by 2026, which is on par with the projected average growth rate across all industries (7%). 

Mechanics also experience a variety of nonfatal injuries on the job. Sprains and strains from moving parts or working in cramped or awkward positions are common. Also common are hand injuries, as mechanics use their hands in a variety of hazardous conditions. Thus, it is imperative that mechanics have gloves that protect their hands while also allowing them to safely perform their work, able to easily feel, grip, and maneuver materials and parts.

To help keep mechanics’ hands protected from the hazards faced in this industry, to keep your mechanic hands safe, consider to choose the Mechanic Gloves

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